Don't let the bastards grind you down

A child of the age of six years laughs about three times more than an adult.

—(via psych-facts)


The Toyota Supra JZA70 2.5 Twin Turbo R

Why I like it?

I love the body lines on this car as well. The angular swooping line of the hatch is something I love. The bold, aggressive front lines this car give it a tough attitude. And guess what, it too also has a straight six twin turbo engine. Also the first Supra to use a JZ series motor which was a major upgrade from the old M series engines. The 2.5 Twin Turbo R comes with my all time FAVORITE style Recaro bucket seats complete with the adjustable leg bolsters. This version Supra was also the lightest version of the A70 chassis to leave the factory.